A fantastic and funny weekend

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As per a previous post … I had a great weekend.. a very funny weekend too!

Barry and Neil kindly invited me up both nights for a meal.   The first night Neil had part cooked a small vegetarian lasagne for himself and a larger meat one for me and Barry.

The problem was the meat one was in a dish that was too big to fit in the caravan oven… and no other oven proof dishes were around … we (actually me!) came up with the bright idea of trying to cook it in an electric pan thing … so Barry started frying it … it really wasn’t working …. and so eventually the grill pan was found … and everything was back on track…. this being about an hour and a half (and a few vodka’s later!) … Neil was then looking for something and what did he find in a cupboard … a smaller pyrex dish that would have been perfect … the irony of all this is that Barry and Neil bought the caravan (and everything in it) from me!!  yet none of the three of us knew that small dish was there!

The following night I was invited up for a barbeque … food was cooking when Barry dropped a burger on the floor … “it will be fine” says me… stick it back on the Barbeque and I will eat it…. although to be fair .. it was a bit black and I couldnt see how much dirt was on it!

Dinner was ready, I was given my burger … bit in … and had a mouthful of grit! … much to the amusement of the boys! … oh well .. Vodka helped again.. and at least my sausages were good!

Thank you for looking after me this weekend .. truly appreciated .. and the laughs even more so!

First journey done!!

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First trip in Alice Alice completed! .. and it was fabulous!

Got there, plugged in, pressed a button and I was up and running! … just as easy to pack up this morning too … I am an early riser and was packed, gone and home by 9am!

I learned a lot too … Found out that if I have less than a quarter of tank of water then the water heat doesn’t work (and I didn’t fill her up because I was only away 2 nights! … lesson learned!)

Also found out the the single bed would have been perfect for me … if Sprout had decided to lie in her dog bed … she didn’t … so had to extend the bed for the second night, but it was really easy to do and a fabulous night’s sleep was had … the best I have had in months!

I meet up with Barry and Neil, who kindly fed me fried lasagne and gritty burgers all weekend … (long stories, but very funny!) and kept me plied with vodka too!

Sprout took a wee bit of getting used to people walking past … but she loved it in the end, especially when Matt and Fiona popped in for a visit … she was on Matt’s knee like a shot!

Weather was kind too, warm but windy and the site was packed out … but I really enjoyed my first trip a way … there was something really nice about being able to get up early, do whatever I wanted to do and not worry about anything else.   I can’t wait on my next trip!

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