It has finally arrived … my first wee trip in Alice Alice.

I am being a wee bit cowardly and going to a site for my first trip away.  I need to check that the electrics work (well … that’s my excuse!)… and I’m not going too far … just across to Dunbar, where I am meeting up with 2 pals who have my old caravan sited there!… and two other pals are popping in to visit too!

The last hurdle I had to cross in my personal life has been jumped … thanks to someone who has tried to turn things around and use me an excuse for their behaviour. So be it, we both know the truth and I am happy to accept that.  Honesty is not for some people, and that it is their problem and not mine… and I am now well and truly out of a situation that genuinely hurt me very deeply

So, let the vodka pour, the laughter begin … and here is to my first venture with Alice to Wanderland!