I have had a car adapter thing for my satnav and mobile for a couple of years.   Last night on my way up to Broughty Ferry, my phone wouldn’t charge … we tried the charger cables into a separate USB port in the car… but still nothing.

On my way out this morning, I tried once more to see if the charger would work (my phone charged perfectly in the house overnight)… when I plugged it into the adapter thingy… smoke started billowing out! … I had to quickly unplug everything, pull it out of the cigarette lighter slot and chuck it out of the window.

I was just glad it happened when I was sitting outside the house, if it had happened on the motorway, there could have been a disaster!

My two chargers in the car have been made unusable by this … but in the bigger of scale of things, I think I got off lightly!

Be careful if you use an adapter … I have another in the motorhome and when I get her back, I will be getting rid of it!