After the disappointment of having to cancel going to Perth pride because of my poor wee cat (still in cage, still really pissed off about having to be in the cage!) … today turned our much better than I thought.

Instead of being stuck at home, my friend Helen came through from Falkirk and we went up to the Mutt Hutt in Glenrothes with Sprout, who had an absolute ball!

We travelled in Alice Alice … mainly because she has been sitting idle for so long, I wanted to give her a wee run out … she is driving like a dream now… and my brakes work great! (I knew they were bloody dodgy!)

We ended up heading to Dobbies in Dunfermline and had some lunch there before popping into see my mum for a cup of tea.

Helen is now heading home and me and sprout are tired out! … time for a nana nap!  (even though I am not a nana!)