First trip in Alice Alice completed! .. and it was fabulous!

Got there, plugged in, pressed a button and I was up and running! … just as easy to pack up this morning too … I am an early riser and was packed, gone and home by 9am!

I learned a lot too … Found out that if I have less than a quarter of tank of water then the water heat doesn’t work (and I didn’t fill her up because I was only away 2 nights! … lesson learned!)

Also found out the the single bed would have been perfect for me … if Sprout had decided to lie in her dog bed … she didn’t … so had to extend the bed for the second night, but it was really easy to do and a fabulous night’s sleep was had … the best I have had in months!

I meet up with Barry and Neil, who kindly fed me fried lasagne and gritty burgers all weekend … (long stories, but very funny!) and kept me plied with vodka too!

Sprout took a wee bit of getting used to people walking past … but she loved it in the end, especially when Matt and Fiona popped in for a visit … she was on Matt’s knee like a shot!

Weather was kind too, warm but windy and the site was packed out … but I really enjoyed my first trip a way … there was something really nice about being able to get up early, do whatever I wanted to do and not worry about anything else.   I can’t wait on my next trip!