strong woman

I ventured into the shed at the back of the summerhouse again today … my brother was here putting up my owl light that the Wirral girls bought for me… and some metal bunting lights that my lovely neighbour Carol bought at Christmas.

I really need to have a clear out of the shed … I have a tent and loads of camping gear that I need to go through and sort out, to work out what to keep and what to sell.

I have decided to keep the folding bikes … I have a bike rack on the back of Alice Alice so may as well take the bikes with me when I go away … I’m a wee bit limited with how far I can walk because of the muscles that tighten in my back …  so at least I can go a wee bit further with the bike!

To be honest I have no idea what is in the shed … no doubt I will find out when I start “howking” about … hopefully I will make a start this weekend and do a little each evening till I have it sorted.

I also need to have a good clear out of my drawers and wardrobes … they are full to overflowing and hard decisions have to be made! … I am a bit of a clothes hoarder .. I have 2 drawers of t-shirts and only wear the same 4 or 5 … time to be tough with myself and benefit a charity shop!

I also want to get rid of the shoe rack in my office and have a wee rearrange … I need to chuck shoes away (I am also a bit of an Emelda Marcos) …I have dozens of pairs of shoes and I only wear about 6 pairs of them! … again … be strong Ms Johnson … be strong!

Yup, that is a pep talk for me … I can do it, I know I can … really … I will … honest!