Over the past week or so, life has begun to fall into place again.  The pain and hurt that I felt have slipped away and I can see things in a clearer light and people for they are.

Letting go is never easy, suddenly your partner and best friend is gone, you are no longer in their life and you are replaced as easily as a broken mug.

But…acceptance does eventually come, and for me it was helped along by an email I recently received.  It made me realise that some people will deny the truth to play the victim and just added to the list of “I wonder if that was true” questions that I already had.

Suddenly, I am sleeping well again and the excitement of what the future might bring and all the plans I have made already are making me really smile.

Letting go is always hard, but sometimes it is a little thing like an email that gives you the key.

It is time for changes, now I have ripped up my list of “what if’s” and cleared my emotional junk, it is time to tackle the physical junk … and start afresh with a smile on my face!

Here’s to letting go, the biggest piece of freedom you can ever have!