I decided to take a couple of days off this week … lately I have been busy and tired (for a couple of reasons) and I don’t want to start my holiday next week feeling drained.

Today, I had a rare long lie … (well … for me!) … and it was quite lovely lying there cuddling into Sprout! … I am used to getting up early to write to clear my evenings if my ex was coming over … but also because in the mornings I normally wake up very stiff and need to get up to move around.   Since I have started on the CPD Oil I have noticed a marked difference in the pain in my hips and back … it isn’t perfect by a long way, but now I feel it is much less annoying and definitely more manageable … and I seem to be able to do much more!

This morning, I plan to wash the bedding and tackle my wardrobes to get rid of a lot of stuff, my drawers are already done! … tomorrow I will tackle the summerhouse and work out what to keep and what to sell … I have a lot of camping gear that can now go and no doubt will find other stuff that has been “chucked” into the summerhouse!

I also need to pop into Dunfermline to have my necklace fixed (again!) … Sprout caught it with her claw and it snapped … but I may just buy a new one… the one I have (even though it is of great sentimental value), is rather old and the links are wearing thin in places … trouble is I know it wasn’t cheap … so it will depend on the price of a new one!

From a place of extreme tiredness and a low mood, it is lovely to finally have some energy and “keenness” back in my life.

I am really looking forward to my wee holiday in Alice Alice with Sprout next week, to meet up with friends and to just enjoy time on our own dawdling around … I have my route all planned out to take me through some lovely forests and past beautiful beaches … Sprout will love it!

The good news I had about a tax rebate yesterday also means that I can take an extra holiday sometime … although I am considering taking a longer holiday in September and not only doing the NC500 but popping over to the islands and doing a tour of them too!

I do realise that sometimes I work too much, it is a habit I am trying to break so that I can find a good balance between work and life … sometimes I get caught up with work and it rules my life and while it is good in some ways, in others, not so much.  I am a bit of a perfectionist but on the negative side, it does drain me mentally and sometimes I just need to step away.

Right now, life feels full of promise … of what, I don’t know.. but I do know there are many adventures to come … and that makes me happy!