I was full of plans today! … and completed them (and a wee bit more!)

Bed has been washed and changed … and Wardrobes and shoe racks have been gutted … and I now have 82 free hangers (although some are going to be binned!)

My brother came up to help with with Alice Alice as I wanted my tyres blown up and air put into the air suspension.   As it turned out it was a bit of a failure .. one of the tyres had it’s hub cap put on wrong and we couldn’t get to the valve.   The only way to move the hub cap was to take the wheel off!

After I flung a minor strop, I phoned a couple of garages and D & G in Inverkeithing told me to bring Alice Alice along … not only did they take the tyre off and blow up all my tyres, they also explained to me about the air suspension.  I only have it on the back and don’t need it unless I am towing! .. and how much did this cost me … zero … although I did slip the wee guy a fiver for helping me out…. guess where Alice Alice will be going to be serviced! (they even have motorhome ramps!)

Came home and got stuck into the wardrobes … then my brother rang me to say that my mum had one of her turns and had fainted in the kitchen, banging her head on the fridge.

She refused to go to hospital, but seemed much perkier by the time I left … she had given herself a thump though … judging by the dent on her brand new fridge (bet my sister flings a fit about that!).

The wardrobes were calling once more … and after a couple of wee teary  moments, when I came across things that belonged to my ex … I completed the task … the worst part was fling out her old pink slippers… I used to always find them lying in the living room and I had to have a wee smile to myself.

Everything has now been sorted … even shoes have been binned (or going to the charity shop) … and I have a great sense of getting “sorted” …

It has been a busy day, but hopefully my auld maw will be better tomorrow and I will pop in to make sure she is …. but also, for me, it has been a day of getting rid of the old … and clearing things out that are no use to me.  My “fresh start” has truly begun in earnest … and I’m actually quite enjoying it!

As they say … out with the old … in with the new!