No … I didn’t spell it wrong!

Tomorrow I set off with my wee dog Sprout on our first proper solo holiday.   I say solo but for part of it I am meeting with friends, in Ayr and Cumbria before spending three days alone with Sprout near Jedburgh.

It is a journey that I am looking forward to, not just for the holiday but for the start of the new beginning that it going to bring.

I have a couple of challenges ahead of me, challenges that I know I need to face and conquer … but these challenges will help me overcome a couple of obstacles that I have been struggling to get past… and I know, that for me, they will make me a stronger and  happier person, as well as helping me really regain my peace.

Tomorrow brings me new destinations and a new destiny (did you see what I did with the title now!) … no doubt there will be lots of surprises along the way … and I am looking forward to discovering them!

Here is to all what is to come!