Had this pm’d to me today… not sure if it’s a good thing or bad thing though!

First night at Craig Tara done! Met up with a couple of pals who have a static here and 2 others that came to visit too!

It was a funny night, Charli’s alcohol measures helping… so much so that I drunk so much vodka I nearly fell asleep!

Sprout had a great time pinching Munro’s dog toys and launching herself at Lesley! Who ended up with scratched inner thighs!! ( it was Sprout … honest!!)

The long walk back uphill was thankfully avoided when Sprout and I had a lift up from Bev and Benga.

Can’t say it was a peaceful night… the tourer part backs onto the main road and there were boy racers till after 2am, when I finally fell asleep.

Took Sprout to the dog walk this morning but lots of broken glass and somebody had emptied their loo… even though the Elsan point was right opposite! So we didn’t go far.

Today I’m going to mooch around and not go far… going to rearrange some stuff and sort my new telly out and plan my route for tomorrow… planning to go through Galloway Forest and try to find a lovely wee bit by a river again … where my brother fell in a couple of years ago! Before I head down to Cumbria for a new adventure!… but for now… I think I will have a wee snooze!