It is my last day on holiday before I head home tomorrow. I wasn’t too sure of this site at Jedwater when I first arrived… but for 2 days I have been the only tourer on site and have spent a lot of time speaking to the people who have statics here… I was even invited up for a coffee and home made baking by a lovely couple who fell in love with Sprout.

I originally planned on taking 2 weeks holiday.. something I haven’t done in 20 odd years and travel down to Cornwall with Cath. Although I had been to Cornwall many times, Cath had never been and I was looking forward to showing her the sites.

As things turned out, this was not to be… so I decided to just take a week off and travel around closer to home.

All in all it’s been great. Although I do still regret that I lost Cath, I have found “the old me” that I am quite happy with.

I have laughed lots, drunk lots and seen some beautiful things. I have crossed hurdles, that were mountains in my mind and I have firmly planted peace back in my heart and mind… do I still miss Cath?… well… yes I do, but I realise I miss the Cath I thought I knew, not the Cath she really is… but, she does have every right to live life the way she wants. It is just not a lifestyle that fits with me… and mine does not fit with her.

I have said before that my life ahead is a blank page… and it is one that already has a notation or two in the margin!

I will continue to write the story of my life as it brings me more surprises and laughter…. but today is a day for chilling… I’m staying on site and catching up with my new Latch Rug addiction!