On my way home today, I was stuck on the windy wee roads behind a very  slow car.

The driver of the Landrover behind me obviously thought it was me that holding things up and decided to over take just as we were approaching a bend… just as he pulled out, a lorry came round the corner and he had cut in right in front of me to avoid a smash … I was already braking but had to brake so hard that I really thought I wasn’t going to stop and my back ended skidded sideways … the wooden dog gate fell over and has broken (Superglue will be used later this afternoon!) … and stuff fell off from above the cab where I store it… and worst of all pour wee Sprout was catapulted off the seat (good job for her harness!)… she did let out a yelp though!

To say I called him a “stupid bastard” is mild … and I honked my horn at him … in between doing the wanker sign… didn’t seem to give him a fright though as he went roaring past the wee car in front as soon as he got round the corner …

I pulled over at the next layby to check on Sprout but she is fine … but it didn’t half give me a fright!