On “memories” on Facebook this morning I had a video pop up that made me laugh out loud … it was from this time last year when my ex and I were camping at Silverdykes Campsite and the heavens opened!

We were in the middle of putting up the awning and hadn’t done it right … the water was gathering in the roof in huge puddles and my ex was trying to get rid of the water … she was already in hysterics (with me videoing!) when all of a sudden our feet were soaked … we had a flood running through the awning!… probably one of the funniest things I have on video!

Later that night we popped down into Anstruther for a takeaway … and discovered that it was the only place open as the sewers had popped all around the seafront!

I enjoyed watching the video … and laughed … my recent break away in Alice Alice has done me the world of good … at last I have let go and remember the good times and fun and forget how horribly wrong it went at the end.