feeling good

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I have worked my wee butt off today (ok wee butt maybe slightly inaccurate .. but hey ho … my blog .. my words!)

I have caught up with all my writing … and now have a free day tomorrow to tackle my weeds!! … which may mean that I can sneak away  for an overnighter somewhere with Alice Alice and Sprout at the weekend!

Tomorrow I am tackling the garden … my weedkiller is ready and I’m going to look out my hedge trimmer!, although I have a funny feeling that it may be broken, but I will check it out anyway!

Tomorrow the weeds are getting it! … and when I get them all under control I am going to spend a wee while every couple of nights just keeping up with them … that way it won’t be such a big job!

My next big job will be the decking … it needs power washed and protected and the summerhouse needs painting … but I will just take my time and get them done … I’m not going to have hanging baskets this year … to be frank I can’t be bothered with them … but I am thinking of buying something fake to hang up instead … maybe even a solar light or something … I shall have a wee lurk on ebay and see what I can find!

I am actually quite excited about getting stuck into it .. this CBD oil has really done wonders for my back …  although it is not perfect by any means .. I can’t believe how much easier it for me to move around … perhaps the weather helps too!

My master plan is to do a little bit of work often… that way I won’t take up big blocks of my time having to do things and it will free up travelling time … well .. that’s the theory anyway!

I’m off to lurk on ebay ….