My day was not as I expected … first of all my back didn’t hold up as well as I hoped it would .. I did manage to weedkill everything … but by that time I was nearly on my hands and knees!… I have had to arrange for my wee pal Willie to come along on a weekly basis to cut my grass and weed for me.  This garden is a bit big for me to handle, especially with a back that loves to give me jip!

But worse than that, my mum had another wee turn today, the second in just over two weeks … luckily my brother was with her at the time … and thankfully, this time she was sitting down, so didn’t collapse on a heap on the floor and bang her head off the fridge!

I went down and sat with her for a while to allow my brother to go to his work and waited with her until my sister came home … but by the time I left she had managed a cup of tea and was chatting away.

I have told her to go to the doctors … I am convinced that the high blood pressure tablets she is on are causing this .. her blood pressure is normal and I don’t think she should be on them … but I am no medical expert … she did agree to go and see the doctor, but it was almost too easy … so I am not sure if she was just palming me off!  (she is a stubborn auld bugger!).

But amidst all of the palaver that I hadn’t planned … I also had an unexpected phone call from a new friend that brought a smile to my face.

Life cannot be planned … you just have to roll with it!