Well … after a mammoth car journey that took over double the time it should have … and being stuck in a motorway hotel with 2 wee dogs that barked at everyone who passed the door (and she was by the entrance!) … Linda is finally on the M6 and heading to Scotland!

We have a fabulous week planned … and she is even going to let me drive her very posh car (can’t remember which one!) but it is convertible and automatic … I hope she knows what she is doing! LOL

My house is all ready for her … tidied up … rearranged and brand new bedding on the bed (after a lot of swearing!) … I hate changing the duvet! … but it is done!   Now I just have to go to the shop to get something for lunch (I have my orders!) … and then it is just a case of waiting for her to arrive.

We are not doing much today, she will be tired after her journey, so just spending time together and chilling out will be the order of the day … tomorrow we have my  lovely “husbands” coming for dinner … Linda will be cooking … I will be washer upper ….

I am really looking forward to spending time with her … we live very different lives … but somewhere in the middle we have managed to meet … but I think I am more nervous about stepping into her life style, than she is about mine … but I know that if things are right between us as people, then the differences outwith what we have will just not matter.

She really is a fabulous woman … as Neil called her… an elegant swan … and I know how lucky I am to have such a kind and caring woman in my life.  I just hope I don’t let her down.