I had a bit of a weird experience on Match last night … A woman, from far down south, started messaging me … at first all was pretty normal, and I am happy to chat away to most people, so I replied.

It was the general sort of chit chat .. when all of a sudden she sent me a message that made me think “what the feck!” …

Seemingly I have “unfinished business” with my ex … and I need to “tell her how I feel”

I was very polite and told her that the “business” was definitely finished and that she knew exactly how I felt when we split and I had no intention of contacting her or going over the same old shit again.

She did get a bit “insistant” with me … to the point I stopped replying to her messages …

There is definitely no unfinished business … my ex made her choice and although, it is no secret, how much I was hurt by her actions, I have moved on and in a way, now see the split as a good thing.  There were too many things about my ex and her life that made me uncomfortable.

The  only thing I can think of as being “unfinished” is that she left a shirt here .. but it fits  me … so I am wearing it LOL

I am looking forward to this weekend, even if it is very full on … tonight I am out in Broughty Ferry with some friends, tomorrow I am meeting the very funny lady I met on Match for a quick coffee, before heading off to the Mutt Hutt with wee sprout, my pal and my mum, who wants to come along to see wee Sprouty having fun!

Sunday, I am having a gathering here at my house … lots of friends coming, some I haven’t seen in a wee while … and somewhere amongst all that, I need to dig out lots of information for my solicitor as the legal action against Sandy Dick starts in earnest!

All in all … I have too much “new business” to look forward to and deal with that I have no time for “old business” that is bankrupt.

I don’t feckin’ believe in Psychics anyway!