As years go, this is certainly one of the toughest I am battling through.

This morning I had a horrible wake up call to the sound of howling from the living room, where I found my beautiful duffy lying in a pool of urine.

It looks like he has had a traumatic force to his side … one of his back legs is twisted and there is a large swelling in his stomach.

I immediately rang the emergency vet but they need to keep him in to xray and assess the damage that has been done to him.  So far the bill is £900.

He is not insured, I don’t insure my cats, but I do have the money to pay for it, but this was money in my savings that I have other plans for (solicitors fees for the ongoing legal battle with my motorhome).

I don’t want to lose my beautiful wee boy … he is very special … but I know I have to be sensible about how much I can afford to pay to keep him alive … and as it stands it may be a decision that is taken out of my hands when they assess the damage to him anyway.  It is the internal damage they are most worried about … but I won’t know until later what is happening.

I am gutted … I have no idea how much more shit this year is going to fling at me … and I really just feel like disappearing.