… and today is no exception.

I have decided that it is time for Sprout to become a “big girl” … and her cage has been dismantled and put out in the summerhouse!

To be fair I have only used it once in the past month when the boiler repair man was here and she was trying to jump on his back when he was sitting on the floor trying to fix the boiler!

I have been building up to today since the day I got her … my old dog, Brae, lovely as she was, could not be left in the house at all … which caused a wee bit of a problem when I had to pop out to work.  Thankfully my mum would take her.

Sprout is a completely different type of dog … although to be fair to her, it is because she is still a pup (6 months), and to be honest, just too much for my mum at 81, to handle.

So, slowly I have been leaving her out of her cage for short periods of time when I had to go out.  If it was for a longer period, my brother would pop in and let her out for a pee and now she is quite happy to be left alone for a few hours.

it was funny taking her cage down… stupid mutt was trying to get in it as it was being folded down and she followed me all the way to the summerhouse (and is standing outside the summerhouse looking in at the moment!) … thankfully she is not barking at her own reflection!

Let’s just hope I haven’t made this judgement in haste! …. time will tell!