Life is a funny old thing … there are great highs and great lows… but then there is this place in the middle where things just bumble along and you put up with things that normally you wouldn’t because you believe that things will change in the future.

I have recently made this mistake, and perhaps fooled myself a little because I genuinely loved someone and tried hard to make excuses for them.   I was wrong and sadly ended up being very badly hurt.

I had to take time out to lick my wounds, and believe me, they were raw…. but time passes and realisation and the actions of others make you realise that things are not as bad as they seem.

I have always valued trust and honesty, it is a major thing for me … and that was sadly lacking.

There were many warning signs, that I chose to ignore … and in hindsight I was wrong to do that … I tried to be understanding but have to now accept it was all a load of twaddle …but que sera sera … you live and you learn.

My life is moving on … new adventures will be had … and the world is now full of wonder instead of pain.  I am no longer “stuck” because of the inaction of someone else.

The last link has been cut and, just like my gold chain, instead of trying to have it repaired, it is time to invest in a new one.