I had a lovely day today … a wee visit from some friends, Catherine, Jennifer and Jenny and a picnic in the summerhouse with so much food that we all left with bags of it to take home (I bought pork pies, quiche and wee sausages,, Catherine and Jennifer brought cake and Jenny cooked home made sausage rolls, chocolate cookies, lemon drizzle cake and meringues!!).   Plans now afoot for a barbeque in the summer!

After they left I started planning a trip for a holiday in September … I have always wanted to do the NC500 and so I am going to do it! … well, mostly … I am going to travel in an anti clockwise direction, up the East Coast to John O’ Groats then across and down the West Coast, heading for Achmelvick,  Plockton and finally Aviemore.

I have been looking up camp sites (and prices!) and timing routes between various sites … I don’t want to drive more than 3 hours each day, so I have plenty of time to detour and stop off at various places en route.

I know I have a few wee trips planned before this one … but this will be the biggest… and one that I am really looking forward to!  Sprout will have a ball!.. and by September, after all my wee trips away, Alice Alice and I should be working like a fine tuned machine (hopefully!).