I have had plenty of fun tonight planning my trip for later in the month … a mixture of meeting with friends and some time alone with Sprout to do my own thing!

First stop Ayr for two nights followed by the Lake District for two nights and then Jedburgh for three nights! … I decided to go from Saturday to Saturday to hopefully avoid the Bank Holiday traffic! … and it will give me a couple of days at home to sort myself out!

I did originally have two weeks booked off but decided to cancel my second week and perhaps take an extended holiday later in September, when I plan to do the NC500 … although it does seem I could do it quite easily in a week… so I may just take a few long weekends instead! … I know that seems funny coming from someone who is self employed, but if I don’t work, I don’t get paid! … so taking a full week off can work out very expensive!

Now I can start getting excited!