My blog is my sanctuary.  A place where I can put down all I feel, good and bad.   In the past it has served me well, seeing me through some tough times and in later times, it opened my eyes to the fact that I truly have “seen it all before”.  It has been a source of comfort for me, a release from all the thoughts whirling round my head… and the start of healing.

However, I realise that it is open to the world.  I cannot block anyone from reading it… and at the moment, there are people who have an insight to my life that they do not deserve, and I do not want.  They walked out of my life by choice.  They can stay out of it.

I did seriously think of putting it on hold, in fact deleting the whole thing.  Then I thought “why the f*ck* should I”.

If someone needs to read my blog just to find out what I am up to, then that is their problem, not mine.

This is my blog, these are my thoughts, these are my words.  This is your issue.