Well … at last I have cleared out my drawers, wardrobes and summerhouse!

Everything is tidy and organised and everything has been taken to the Charity  Shop or binned, although not my old knickers I may add!

I am also selling some camping gear that I no longer need and that has been advertised on line … no interest as yet though so that might end up in a charity shop too!

There is something really peaceful knowing that everything is once again in order … I do tend to save things (just in case!), so a good clear out now and again is required and the sense of achievement is great!

Next big project is the decking and the garden .. but that will have to wait until I come back from holiday, then I will be able to sit back and enjoy everything .. as well as having many trips out in Alice Alice.

The whole process has been very therapeutic for me in more ways than one … a couple of tears over left behind slippers and I came across a couple of cards … I thought I had got rid of all of them … so it was a wee bit of a punch in the stomach when I found them. But now my life is in order again … (apart from my office .. but I am tackling that tonight!) … the sun is shining, my holiday is just a few days away, and life is beginning to feel that little bit more friendly again.

Now I must stop opening the wardrobe doors and smiling to myself!