I really jiggered my back yesterday.  My fault, I was too cocky in what I thought I could do.

My back is an ongoing annoyance that really frustrates me at times but recently it has been much better, thanks to CBD Oil that I have been taking … and I know that yesterday I thought I could just go out there and pull up weeds without a care … jeez, was I wrong!

I didn’t get any further than weed killing before I had to stop and I ended up going to bed at 9pm just  so I could lie flat, dosed up on medication and tried to get comfortable … it didn’t really work and I am a bit grumpy and still sore this morning… my muscle seems to stuck in a spasm and it is causing a bit of sciatica too.  It is perhaps best if no-one crosses my path today!

However,  on the bright side, I have just won £73 on the lottery … so perhaps I will be able to raise a smile when I am out on three visits today!